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Call Jane (12)

Friday 18th November 2022 - Thursday 24th November 2022

It’s 1968, five years before the landmark ruling in Roe v Wade, and abortion is not yet a constitutional right in America. When suburban housewife Joy is denied a termination for a pregnancy that threatens her life, she seeks the help of ‘Jane’...

The Oil Machine (PG)

Saturday 12th November 2022 - Tuesday 15th November 2022

The Oil Machine explores our economic, historical and emotional entanglement with oil by looking at the conflicting imperatives around North Sea oil.

Girls Girls Girls (15)

Friday 21st October 2022 - Wednesday 26th October 2022

Immediately engaging, Alli Haapasalo’s (Love and Fury) candid, spirited drama follows a trio of Finnish teens exploring desire and first love.

Adventure Film Club – Big vs Small (12A) + Director’s Q&A

Saturday 22nd October 2022

Big v. Small is an energetic and inspirational documentary that profiles Joana Andrade, Portugal’s first female big wave surfer, known to many as ‘Tiny Fighter’. The film will be followed by a Q&A with film writer and director Minna Dufton.

Don’t Worry Darling (15)

Friday 7th October 2022 - Wednesday 12th October 2022

Alice and Jack are lucky to be living in the community of Victory, the experimental company town housing the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families. All the company asks in return is discretion and unquestioning commitment...

Both Sides of the Blade (15)

Saturday 1st October 2022 - Thursday 6th October 2022

Claire Denis’ piercing exploration of married life features a trio of powerful performances.

It Snows in Benidorm (15)

Friday 23rd September 2022 - Thursday 29th September 2022

Timothy Spall excels as a downtrodden man struggling to impose sense on the events around him, in a hapless detective story played out to a carnivalesque backdrop of Brits abroad.

Fisherman’s Friends: One and All (12A)

Friday 16th September 2022 - Wednesday 21st September 2022

Following the unexpected success of their debut album “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues” we re-join the world's oldest ‘buoy band’ a year later struggling to navigate the pressures, pitfalls and temptations of their newfound fame.

Queen of Glory (15)

Friday 16th September 2022 - Wednesday 21st September 2022

Sarah Obeng, the academically brilliant child of Ghanaian immigrants, decides to quit her Ivy League PhD programme to follow her married lover to Ohio. A wonderful film which provokes laughter and empathy in equal measure.

Joyride (15)

Friday 9th September 2022 - Thursday 15th September 2022

Joyride is a feel-good, foul-mouthed fairy-tale about two unlikely outlaws tearing up the road on a riotous misadventure in search of their dreams.

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