Blue Jean (15)

F Rated Film
Friday 24th February 2023 - Wednesday 1st March 2023

Dir. Georgia Oakley, UK, 2022, 97 mins. Cast. Rosy McEwen, Kerrie Hayes, Lucy Halliday.

In Oakley’s quiet, soulful drama, a closeted PE teacher reckons with her identity during the introduction of Clause 28 to Thatcherite Britain. By day Jean is a PE teacher, while at night she frequents a local lesbian bar with her friends and long-term partner. Adept at keeping her two lives separate, her world is rocked with the arrival of a new student who could destroy the veneer that she has successfully maintained. With a gorgeous, naturalistic central performance by Rosy McEwan, Blue Jean is an intimate character study of a woman unsure of how she wants to be, or is allowed to be, perceived in her own life. It’s an ode to queer resilience in the not-too-distant past and a timely reminder of the ways in which queer people are still silenced today.

For detailed information about the film's age rating and potential triggering contents, you can visit the BBFC website and search the film title, then scroll down to the “ratings info” section:

Dates & Times

 Friday 24th Feb 2023  8:30pm
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 Saturday 25th Feb 2023  5:30pm
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 Tuesday 28th Feb 2023  8:30pm
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 Wednesday 1st Mar 2023  6:00pm Descriptive Subtitles
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