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Smoking Causes Coughing (15)

Friday 21st July 2023 - Thursday 27th July 2023

This sounded too good to miss! A wildly inventive new French comedy from Quentin Dupieux, Smoking follows the misadventures of a team of five superheroes known as the Tobacco Force – Benzene, Nicotine, Methanol, Mercury, and Ammonia.

Medusa Deluxe (15)

Friday 14th July 2023 - Thursday 20th July 2023

A bold, camp and unique take on the murder mystery. After a stylist is found dead at a hairdressing competition, the remaining competitors try to uncover the killer over the course of an evening, in this vivacious and absurdly comic ensemble drama.

Asteroid City (12A)

Friday 30th June 2023 - Thursday 6th July 2023

World-changing events spectacularly disrupt the itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention in an American desert town circa 1955, in Wes Anderson's latest film.

Chevalier (12)

Saturday 24th June 2023 - Thursday 29th June 2023

Chevalier is the untold true story of composer Joseph Bologne, and how he defied racial norms to become the renowned musical genius known as Chevalier de Saint-Georges.

Bringing in Baby: Chevalier (12)

Wednesday 28th June 2023

Sociable screening for parents, grandparents and carers of babies under 12 months. Breastfeeding friendly, access to warm water and changing facilities, and no need to worry if baby makes a noise!

The Eight Mountains (12A)

Saturday 17th June 2023 - Wednesday 21st June 2023

Co-winner of the Cannes Jury Prize, The Eight Mountains is a gorgeous, sweeping story about the friendship between two young men, set in the pristine, cathedral-like Alpine valley of Aosta, including the slopes of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

Master Gardener (15)

Friday 9th June 2023 - Thursday 15th June 2023

Paul Schrader’s film is a potent tale of a man tormented by his past as a white supremacist gun-for-hire, which captures the racial tensions of contemporary America.

Return to Seoul (15)

Friday 9th June 2023 - Thursday 15th June 2023

Freddie was adopted when she was very young, born in South Korea and raised in France. She’s magnetic, spirited and hard to pin down; never in one place, or with one person, for long enough to get attached.

How to Blow up a Pipeline (15)

Friday 19th May 2023 - Wednesday 24th May 2023

Featuring a tremendous ensemble cast, How to Blow Up a Pipeline follows a crew of young activists who plan a mission to sabotage an oil pipeline.

Polite Society

Friday 12th May 2023 - Thursday 18th May 2023

This film is dynamic, energetic and wickedly funny. An action comedy, martial arts, Bollywood extravaganza.

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