Fremont (12A)

Saturday 7th October 2023 - Wednesday 11th October 2023

Dir. Babak Jalali, US, 2023, 92 mins, some subtitles. Cast. Anaita Wali Zada, Jeremy Allen White, Gregg Turkington.

Donya, a young Afghan who moved to Fremont, California after serving as a translator for the American army, spends her days working at a fortune cookie factory and her nights wide awake battling between her desire to rebuild her life and the overbearing guilt she carries within. In a bid to connect with the world, she sends an unconventional message through a fortune cookie. Tinged with Jarmuschian deadpan humour, this sensitive immigrant tale packs a breakout performance by real-life refugee Anaita Wali Zada, joined by a perpetually off-kilter Gregg Turkington and Jeremy Allen White from The Bear as a heartthrob mechanic.

Fortune Cookie Writing with MPH Papermaking - Saturday 7 October, 2pm (Free activity)

Arrive early for the screening on Saturday to eat fortune cookies and write your own fortune on handmade paper! Matt’s Paper Hog (MPH), is a papermaking project and shop dedicated to handmade, reclaimed and recycled papers for drawing, printmaking, collage and craft. Matt Thomas makes paper in small batches in the MPH studio at RAAY, in the heart of Stonehouse. He uses studio scraps from his drawing practice, junkmail and other recycled papers, cotton rag and lokta fibres to make soft, durable paper that’s beautiful to look at and write or draw on. Paper will be available to purchase. Find Matt on Facebook or Instagram.

About MPH

Each batch is slightly different, with characteristics determined by what sorts of recycled
paper and other inclusions have gone into the pulp. Currently Matt makes A4 and A5 sizes, but is looking into acquiring or building a larger mould for bigger sheets. In addition to handmade paper, Matt collects interesting, often older papers from various places (the internet, charity shops, etc), and sources non-wood pulp and recycled art papers from suppliers, all of which he sells in the MPH shop, alongside his own handmade sheets.

The shop is open one day a week, usually Saturday, and often Matt will be making sheets on shop day, so visitors can have a go at making their own paper. Saturday is the usual shop day, hours are 11-3, except for the first weekend of the month, when shop day switches to Friday. Appointments outside of shop hours can be arranged. For a monthly calendar update of shop days, check Facebook, or send an email to

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Dates & Times

 Saturday 7th Oct 2023  2:30pm
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 Wednesday 11th Oct 2023  8:30pm
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