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Playground (15)

Friday 13th May 2022 - Wednesday 18th May 2022

Writer-director Laura Wandel’s extraordinary debut has won multiple awards. Intimately immersing you in the lives of its brilliantly naturalistic young performers, this is bold, lucid and gripping.

Adventure Film Club: The Wall of Shadows (12A)

Saturday 7th May 2022 - Thursday 12th May 2022

Director Eliza Kubarska follows a Sherpa family who must decide if they will break a cultural taboo to climb Khumbakarna, the most sacred of their mountains.

The Audition (15)

Friday 29th April 2022 - Thursday 5th May 2022

Alexander, a serious, young teenager, auditions at a prestigious Berlin music school. The vote is split, but Anna Bronsky stands up for him, insisting she can train him.

Hive (15)

Saturday 2nd April 2022 - Thursday 7th April 2022

Hive is a searing drama based on the true story of Fahrije, who has lived with fading hope and grief since her husband went missing during the war in Kosovo.

Ali & Ava (15)

Friday 25th March 2022 - Thursday 31st March 2022

Enveloped in music, humour and emotion, Ali & Ava is a heartfelt contemporary love story written and directed by BAFTA-nominated Clio Barnard.

Memory Box (15)

Friday 18th March 2022 - Thursday 24th March 2022

A package of keepsakes from 1980s wartime Beirut arrives in contemporary Montreal. Teenager Alex covertly goes through her mother Maia’s box of journals, audio tapes and photographs.

Amulet (15)

Friday 18th March 2022 - Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Following an accident that leaves him homeless in London, former soldier Tomaz is brought to the rotting home of Magda, a lonely woman in desperate need of help as she looks after her dying mother.

The Souvenir Part II (15)

Friday 25th February 2022 - Wednesday 2nd March 2022

An impeccable film from one of the UK’s finest directors – bittersweet, rich with Hogg’s typically incisive understanding of people and filled with moments of joy.

Rebel Dykes (18)

Saturday 12th February 2022 - Tuesday 15th February 2022

Rebel Dykes follows a tight-knit group of friends who met at Greenham Common peace camp and went on to become artists, performers, musicians and activists in London.

The Lost Daughter (15)

Friday 14th January 2022 - Thursday 20th January 2022

A sensual and subversive directorial debut by Maggie Gyllenhaal adapts the 2006 novel on motherhood gone astray by Elena Ferrante.

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