Relaxed Screening: Nomadland (12A)


Relaxed Screening: Nomadland (12A)

Relaxed Screening
Wednesday 9th June 2021

Everyone is welcome to relaxed screenings, but we have made them especially suitable to those with Dementia, Autism, and anyone who finds standard screenings overwhelming:

The house lights are left on low and the sound turned down a little.

There are no pre-feature adverts or trailers and the film starts at the time advertised.

You can take your own soft drinks and snacks into the cinema.

During the film, you can use non distracting aids such as personal devices, ear defenders, fidget spinners and chewable jewellery etc.

Covid-19 Safety adjustments: Seating is normally unreserved for Relaxed Screenings and you would usually be allowed to sit wherever you choose, and move around or change seats during the film if you needed to. But while Covid-19 restrictions are still in place, we need to make sure there is enough social distance between group of customers in the cinema. You will be asked to pick seat(s) when you book your ticket(s). You will have to remain in your allocated seat and not move around during the film, but you can leave/take breaks outside of the cinema if you need to.

Dir. Chloe Zhao, US, 2020, 107 mins. Cast. Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Swankie.
As Frances McDormand said when winning her Best Actress Oscar, see this beautiful, lyrical film on the big screen! Reeling from the early death of her beloved husband and the loss of their home, Fern lives in a kitted-out van, travelling from town to town and picking up short-term seasonal work where she can get it. It’s a premise built on the experiences of America’s modern-day nomads. The film is populated with intimate and compassionate studies of real people playing versions of themselves, such as Fern’s compatriots on the road, Linda, Swankie and Bob, as well as a precious community that has grown out of the ruins of the country’s brutal service economy. Alongside them, McDormand delivers a quietly breathtaking performance – an angular, sympathetic portrait of an older woman choosing a life of relative freedom, whatever the pains and challenges that entails. And Zhao’s regular collaborator, cinematographer Joshua James Richards, exquisitely captures the expansive open landscapes of the Western United States.

If you see one film this month, make it this one.

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 Wednesday 9th Jun 2021  2:30pm Socially Distanced
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