The Trust Fall (15)


The Trust Fall (15)

Saturday 11th May 2024 - Thursday 16th May 2024

Dir. Kym Statton, UK, 128 mins.

Despite being detained, silenced and hidden from public view in maximum security Belmarsh Prison, multi-award-winning Australian journalist and publisher Julian Assange has become one of the loudest voices for free speech of our times.

The disclosures of WikiLeaks and Assange from 2010 onwards ignited a firestorm of controversy. The Trust Fall examines the meaning and significance of the insights that WikiLeaks shared with the world, the resulting behaviour of the governments involved, the extraordinary personal risk taken by Assange, and the wider fundamental issues around press freedom that affect all of us and our right to know.

Filmed over two years on three continents and in ten cities, the film invites viewers to embark on a journey of understanding, where the circumstances are unprecedented, and the destination unexpected.

For detailed information about the film's age rating and content notices, you can visit the BBFC website and search the film title, then scroll down to the “Content Advice” section:

The 2pm screening on Saturday 11 May will be introduced and followed by a Q&A with Sarah Saunders.

Sarah Saunders met Julian Assange through her late stepfather, the journalist and documentary filmmaker Gavin McFadyen. Julian became a close family friend, and Sarah stood bail for him when he was arrested in 2010.

Sarah is a professional chef, event producer, health practitioner and mother of two, who were teenagers in 2011 when she hosted Julian whilst he was under strict bail conditions.

Julian was granted asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in June 2012. With a real threat to his food security, and maintaining physical and mental health a major concern, Embassy officials authorised Sarah to organise Julian's daily food within the limitations of the Embassy facilities.

Sarah met Australian film maker Kym Staton by chance, on Facebook. She noticed Kym’s background photo - an iconic shot of Julian throwing her hat, out in the field with her dog !! during the time he was living under her roof. She contacted Kym immediately to ask where he had sourced the photo, and to satisfy herself that he was bona fide in his support of Julian. Sarah wrote a short poem "My Dog, My Hat, My Friend" after the London Premiere of The Trust Fall. It is a thank you to Kym, and an expression of personal relief.

Sarah's hope is that with this and other films there will be increased awareness of Julian's perilous situation, and the implications for every single one of us. Julian faces 175 years in a SuperMax American prison if he is extradited to the USA….. for telling us the truth about a superpower.

Dates & Times

 Saturday 11th May 2024  2:00pm Intro + Q&A
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 Wednesday 15th May 2024  8:15pm
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 Thursday 16th May 2024  5:45pm
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