Pleasure Through Drowning / This Building, This Breath


Pleasure Through Drowning / This Building, This Breath

Tuesday 14th June 2016 - Thursday 23rd June 2016

Pleasure & Drowning: 14 - 23 June in the cinema, starts every 30 minutes between cinema programme screenings.
This Building, This Breath: 17-18 June, 1 - 8.30pm. Both events free.

In Pleasure Through Drowning Kihlberg & Henry embark on an attempt to escape from a society over-saturated with moving image. Charting a day trip to Portsea Island in search of 32 historic cinemas which existed there during the 20th Century, the narrator describes a desire for moving image to be harnessed, ‘geographically bound once more to these custom-made architectures’.

In This Building, This Breath – a 15 minute hybrid of a live performance, installation, and artist’s film – the artists explore the implications of bodies, buildings, even cameras breathing. Using the disembodied voice of cinematic voiceovers and guided meditation, they unsettle the difference between being a passive viewer and active participant in an event. This Building, This Breath was commissioned by fig-2, supported by the Art Fund, Outset, and Arts Council England. This Building, This Breath will be on the first floor.

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