Nancy Astor Preview Screening – Introduced by Alexis Bowater


Nancy Astor Preview Screening – Introduced by Alexis Bowater

F Rated Film
Saturday 30th November 2019

The unveiling of the new Nancy Astor statue on November 28th 2019 to celebrate 100 years of Women in Parliament is a significant event for Plymouth. The woman who has made this happen is Alexis Bowater and we are delighted to welcome Alexis to Plymouth Arts Cinema to introduce a special preview screening of a new documentary about Plymouth’s very own Nancy Astor. The documentary of Lady Astor’s life is the story of the woman who opened the door for female politicians, the first woman MP to take a seat in the House of Commons, she overcame prejudice and hostility to strive for equality and fairness and in doing so, she blazed a trail which is still being followed today she was Lady Nancy Astor, and this is her story.

The film is approximately 50 minutes long and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Dates & Times

 Saturday 30th Nov 2019  5:30pm Intro + Q&A
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