The Jarman Award with Sophia Al Maria


The Jarman Award with Sophia Al Maria

Thursday 13th October 2016

Thursday 13 October, 5.30pm £3/Free for PAC Home members

This year’s shortlist represents a riotous explosion of colour, sound, skill and distinctive imagery, but beyond the visuals are some very serious, thought-provoking messages. Be shocked, startled and entertained by the recent works from Sophia Al Maria, Cécile B. Evans, Shona Illingworth, Mikhail Karikis, Rachel Maclean and Heather Phillipson.

Sophia Al Maria’s work is an evocation of contemporary Arab culture and the glitz and hypocrisy of an oil rich Gulf with its shopping malls, marble interiors and sci-fi monoliths. Through a mixture of YouTube rips and home movie style footage, Al Maria explores a hypermodern, globalised culture that brings with it a sense of ethical and environmental anxiety.

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