Green Book (12A)

Friday 22nd February 2019 - Thursday 28th February 2019

Dir. Peter Farrelly, US, 2018, 130 mins.
Cast. Maharshala Ali, Viggo Mortensen, Linda Cardellini.

Green Book is an uplifting true story that demands to be told on the big screen and succeeds in making its crucial subject of racial division in the 1960s America into a smart, affecting and also charming film. Set in 1962, the film follows Italian-American Tony Lip, who is hired to chauffeur African-American pianist Dr. Don Shirley on a concert tour through the Deep South. Don is aware of the troubles that he might face and requires someone to act as both staff and protector. Tony isn’t an obvious choice but he carries the required muscle and the unlikely pair embark on a road trip that will change both of their lives. Whilst entertaining and easy-to-watch, the film doesn’t sugar-coat the tensions of the time and serves as a significant reminder of the challenges that everyday racism can still bring upon us.

Dates & Times

 Friday 22nd Feb 2019  8:30pm
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 Saturday 23rd Feb 2019  5:30pm
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 Tuesday 26th Feb 2019  8:30pm
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 Thursday 28th Feb 2019  8:30pm
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