French Film Festival


French Film Festival UK

We’re delighted to welcome the French Film Festival UK for a selection of screenings featuring previews of some of the finest new French cinema from some of the country’s most exciting filmmaking talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Festival pass: Get tickets for all 3 films for £15 per person. (Offer valid if tickets are purchased under one transaction. To book online: put Full Price tickets for the 3 films in the basket and the offer will apply automatically).

Woman Up!

Saturday 2 February, 5.30pm: Woman Up! (15)

Dir. Tonie Marshall, France, 2017, 110 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Emmanuelle Devos, Suzanne Clement, Richard Berry.

Emmanuelle Devos plays an ambitious corporate manager who aspires to be the first woman CEO of a major French company. However, when she finally gets a shot at her position, she is quickly threatened by personal and political factors in this intelligent drama about corporate sexism. The perfect blend of twisty boardroom intrigue mixes with an impassioned message about the need for female solidarity in the workplace.


DanyMon Ket 2

Tuesday 5 February, 6pm: Dany/Mon Ket (15)

Dir. François Damiens, France/Belgium, 2018, 89 mins, subtitled.
Cast. François Damiens, Matteo Salamone, Tatiana Tojo

Dany is serving a long-term prison sentence, which he intends to cut short when he hears his teenage son Sullivan is seeking legal emancipation. Sullivan is Dany’s life so he escapes, dragging along with him Sullivan and his ‘godfather’ on an escapade as beautiful as it is absurd. On their way they meet accomplices and opponents while Dany tries to correct past mistakes and make up for the mess he has made.


Rock 'n' Roll 1

Wednesday 6 February, 8.30pm: Rock ‘n’ Roll (15)

Dir. Guillaume Canet, France, 2017, 123 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lelouche.

Guillaume Canet pokes fun at himself and real-life partner Marion Cotillard with wild abandon and he doesn’t hold back on lampooning his actor’s ego, cinema’s obsession with youth and even takes a pot shot at the shoddy way actors are treated by casting directors. It works beautifully and Cotillard more than matches Canet for making fun of her image in the media of a serious, slightly manic actress.