Cine Sisters SW Film Festival


Cine Sisters SW Film Festival

Saturday 13th May 2023

Cine Sisters SW are pleased to showcase our first ever Film Festival following a successful Crowdfunding campaign last summer. With screenings, workshops and networking opportunities, CSSW are excited to highlight the innovative work of women and non-binary creatives working in film and moving image in the South West. Purchasing a Festival pass will give you access to a whole day of film showings plus the workshops, or you can opt for buying a ticket to a film screening only. All are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you at PAC.

Festival Programme:

11.30- 11.40 Intro to the festival (10 mins)

11.40-12.40 Workshop 1: Want to work for yourself? How to set up your own DIY film company

12.40-13.40 Screening 1

13.40-14.20 Break

14.20-14.30 Housekeeping/buffer (10 mins)

14.30-15.30 Workshop 2: From Imposter Syndrome to Empowerment

15.30-15.45 Break

15.45-17.00 Screening 2

Workshop One (11.40am-12.40pm) led by Holly Black of Black Bark Films
Want to work for yourself? How to set up your own DIY film company.

In this workshop we pull on our own varied experience over the past seven years of building our own DIY film production company; Black Bark Films, looking at both the ‘failures’ and surprising successes along the way; helping others to identify the tools they need to get started (without making the same mistakes as us!)

Workshop Two (14.30-15.30) led by Jo Barker of Black Bark Films
From Imposter Syndrome to Empowerment.

In this workshop we work together to identify the internal voices that hold us back as filmmakers and to start engaging with tools such as self compassion and practical preparation, to enable us to reach our full potential.

About Black Bark Films

Black Bark Films are Holly Black and Jo Barker, award winning documentary filmmakers based in Bristol, UK, specialising in sensitive and collaborative documentary filmmaking, around themes of social change and intimate character driven stories.

Programme for screening 1 (12.40-13.40):
Melt & Flow
Dir: Carolyn Black
Melt & Flow is one of a series of works - drawings and films - that began during the heatwave of summer 2022. Carolyn prepared in advance and mixed pigments with water, using graphite powder, Bideford Black and Sumi ink for the black, and red and blue pigment powders made from the mudstones at Garden Cliff. Garden Cliff is from the Triassic Period - the one prior to the biggest climate crisis in history - the Jurassic Period. Last year was the hottest summer since records began. As the ice caps melt, the seas will rise, the river will flood. Water will spread across the land, concealing it. When ice melts, it loses form by transforming to liquid. Ice, melt, flood. A cycle of transitions between solids and liquids.

Surface Tension
Dir: Amanda Bluglass
What lies beneath the surface of Britain’s rivers? Our relationship with our waterways is a romantic one, but England’s precious chalk streams are as polluted as they were half a decade ago. Surprising discoveries are revealed in this poignant reflection on life, above and below the waterline.

Eilean Eisdeal
Dir: Ruth Bell
Filmed off the West Coast of Scotland, this atmospheric dance film conveys the landscape through the dancers’ bodies, sound and voice.

Don’t Feed The Horses
Dir: Georgia Gregory-Morris
Don’t Feed The Horses is a magical realism film following the dizzy and unsuspecting Bootless as he sets out to be reunited with his missing wellington. After meeting two mysterious “horses” along the way, Bootless is faced with a new and disturbing solution to his problem.

Moments I Saw In Red
Dir: Penn Balint
'Moments...' is an experimental short film exploring the relationship between trauma, synaesthesia, and art. Shot on 8mm film, the film follows the story of a person with PTSD and synaesthesia who is recounting their memories associated with the colour red.

Jokes On You
Dir: Claud Tonietto
A reflection on the experience of living in a trans body: being a body as a physical experience of sensing, feeling and moving; versus the external reading imposed on the body, that clashes and feels alien. What’s left but to laugh off my own performance of failing (whose? ideas of) gender and labels?

Dir: Patrycja Loranc
A video diary within a series of works exploring states of consciousness, transpersonal experience, complexities of perception and the vulnerability of being.

Dir: Lois Norman
In this solo and affecting performance by award winning actor Toyah Willcox, we are witness to the world and anguish of 62-year-old Maureen, as she fights alone on a seashore, for a shard of self-belief. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we witness the bravery it can take to move beyond the shame of her eating disorder, body dysmorphia and the voices of past judgement, towards a splash of possibility: that she might finally feel she is ‘enough’

Programme for screening 2 (15.45-17.00):

Period Drama
Dir: Black Bark Films
A deep dive into chronic anxiety through a personal feminist lens, via slasher flicks, bloody knickers & suicidal insects.

Peach Fuzz
Dir: Holly-Jane Mutton
A poetic documentary exploring the detrimental impact body hair has on the lives of young women and the differing opinions that still surround the topic. The film is told in four parts - MONEY, CAREER, SEX and CHOICE - delving into ideas of how female-presenting people navigate the world of body hair removal and how this affects other aspects of their life such as finances, time and work.

Fallen Angel
Dir: Bex Phillips
The Fallen Angels first fell on the streets of Manchester in December 2012 to mark what was believed to be the end of the world. Since then, Fallen Angels have descended onto the streets of our towns and cities to coincide with astronomical events passing comets, meteorites, and Super Moons.

Dir: Kate Stubbs
Reflecting on his childhood and growing up during The Troubles in Belfast, Harry confronts his own prejudice and questions his current climate activism.

Tebel Venyn
Dir: Izzy Wilkinson
Eva, an isolated young woman, encounters a mysterious creature residing in the waters surrounding her community. It isn’t before long that the line between good and evil begins to blur. A short dark piece about isolation, transgression and obsession.

Placenta Pâté
Dir: Tia Salisbury
New mum Libby has breastfeeding woes, but when her wife, Erin suggests a traditional placenta remedy is the answer, underlying tensions rear their head and it's not just the kitchen getting messy.

15 Festival Passes are available, giving you access to the whole programme.

£12 Full price / £10 concession available

Passes will be allocated on a first come first served basis, advance booking required.

You also have the option to only attend one or both of the film screenings, at £5 (£4 concession) for each screening. To book your ticket(s) for the screenings only, click here.

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 Saturday 13th May 2023  11:30am
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