The ‘Rocky Horror Plymouth Show’


The ‘Rocky Horror Plymouth Show’

Thursday 28th March 2019

The 'Rocky Horror Plymouth Show' is a one of a kind, standalone screening of the 70's classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Film students from Plymouth College of Art have chosen and organised this event along with help from Plymouth Arts Cinema, the BFI and IntoFilm. Here they tell us why they picked the film:

"The reason we chose The Rocky Horror Picture Show is because, not only is it a favourite among all ages and groups, it also is LGBTQ+ history month in March, so although it’s not a “queer film” it still was a massive movement piece in 1975 when it was released! We wanted to make a fun event of the screening: with themed mocktails, snacks, and a photo booth area! We strongly encourage fancy dress (show us your best drag!), and a prize will be given for the best costume of the night!"

About the film:
Dir. Jim Sharman, UK, 1975, 95 mins.
Cast. Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon, Charles Gray, Meatloaf.

Cross an old-fashioned sci-fi movie with a horror film, add some outrageously kinky costumes and memorable songs, and you get The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When all-American couple Brad and Janet's car breaks down, they seek refuge in a gothic castle, where they're greeted by the cheery but decidedly odd Frank N. Furter and his just-as-peculiar singing and dancing cohorts. Can Brad and Janet escape? And do they really want to? Dust down your corsets and grab your feather boas for the cult film that is sure to give you both chills and thrills.

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 Thursday 28th Mar 2019  8:00pm
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