The Rochdale Pioneers (PG)


The Rochdale Pioneers (PG)

Thursday 14th November 2019

Dir. Adam Lee Hamilton, John Montegrande, UK, 2012, 57 mins.
Cast. John Henshaw, Andrew London, Jordan Dawes.

Based on a true story of hope, determination and principles, The Rochdale Pioneers is about a group of working men who, against a backdrop of poverty, prejudices and harsh working conditions, set about changing the unfair society that they lived in. Opening their own store - in Toad Lane, Rochdale on 21 December 1844 - and pledging to sell quality, unadulterated products and share the profits fairly with their customers, they laid down values and principles that became the basis for how co-operatives worldwide still operate to this day - principles that are still changing the world almost 170 years later.

Plymouth City Council wants to double the size of the co-operative economy in the city by 2025. We are planning a series of films over the next 12 months to raise awareness of the great work that co-operatives do. We are working in collaboration with PCC to present this series.

Thanks to PCC support, we are offering discounted ticket prices for these events:
Full price £4. Concession £2 for Friends of PAC, OAP, students, underwaged, Under 25, PCA staff and students.

As businesses owned and run by their members, co-operatives offer a solution to the growing sense of powerlessness people feel over business and the economy, giving them control of the businesses they are closest to - whether they shop at them, work at them or supply them. People of all kinds benefit through membership of their co-operative. Farmers are strengthening their position in competitive and global markets. Employees are having a say in how their organisations are run. Customers are influencing the businesses they use. Local residents are saving vital services.

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 Thursday 14th Nov 2019  6:00pm
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