The Eight Mountains (12A)


The Eight Mountains (12A)

F Rated Film
Saturday 17th June 2023 - Wednesday 21st June 2023

Dir. Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch, Italy, 2023, 147 mins, Italian with English subtitles. Cast. Luca Marinelli, Alessandro Borghi, Lupo Barbiero.

In a secluded village in the mountains of Italy, an unlikely brotherhood forms between two young boys: Pietro, a boy from the city, and Bruno, who has only ever known life in the mountains. Over the years Bruno remains faithful to his home while Pietro aspires to greater heights. As decades pass and the two grow up, their paths ultimately lead them back to where they first met – and back to each other.

Co-winner of the Cannes Jury Prize, The Eight Mountains is a gorgeous, sweeping story about the friendship between two young men, set in the pristine, cathedral-like Alpine valley of Aosta, including the slopes of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

“A movie with air in its lungs and love in its heart” The Guardian

For detailed information about the film's age rating and potential triggering contents, you can visit the BBFC website and search the film title, then scroll down to the “ratings info” section:

Dates & Times

 Saturday 17th Jun 2023  5:00pm
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 Tuesday 20th Jun 2023  8:00pm
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 Wednesday 21st Jun 2023  2:00pm
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 Wednesday 21st Jun 2023  5:00pm
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