Friday 20th February 2015

Friday 20 February, 10am - 4.30pm £30 (£15 for students and PAC Home members). Lunch included.

This Symposium, hosted by Plymouth Arts Centre and Fotonow CIC, explores climate change and art. Bringing together the creative and scientific community, it will look at the role the arts can play in encouraging communities to take an active role in climate change measures. It will also look at ways in which the wider climate change policy makers can be influenced. The Symposium contributors will include the artists exhibiting at Plymouth Arts Centre; Gideon Mendel and Emma Critchley, who will be joined by:

Gina Glover and Jessica Rayner, authors of the book The Metabolic Landscape: Perception, Practice and the Energy Transition, in which art, science and philosophy are used to explore the earth’s current state of metabolic distress.

Dr Catherine Butler is currently an advanced research fellow in environment and sustainability in the Geography department at University of Exeter. Her work spans the disciplines of sociology and human geography and examines societal transitions in the context of climate change, with a particular focus on flooding and UK flood policy.

Chloe Uden, Programme Manager, Regen SW. Chloe is responsible for the delivery of Regen SW’s arts and energy programme. This unusual venture brings new voices to the debate around energy; adding colour and diverse perspectives to the energy challenge.

Tao Wimbush, founding member of Lammas eco village. Tao will contribute to the symposium via Skype.

Transition Plymouth, Plymouth Food Waste Partnership and Taste the Difference will also be contributing to the Symposium with presentations, breakout groups and lunch. On Monday 9 March, 5-9pm, there will also be a climate change film evening; join us and watch documentary films that explore the issue of climate change.

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