Red Joan (12A)

Friday 17th May 2019 - Thursday 23rd May 2019

Dir. Trevor Nunn, UK, 2018, 101 mins.
Cast. Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Stephen Campbell Moore.

An unremarkable little old lady, who spends her days tending shrubs in her suburban garden, is not the most obvious person to be revealed as an enemy of the state. But when Joan Stanley is arrested for treason, the files on this unassuming octogenarian date back to her university days in the late 1930s. Directed by Trevor Nunn, this espionage picture is based on the real-life case of Melita Norwood, a pensioner who was arrested for passing secrets to the KGB over a period of forty years. A beautifully-crafted historical thriller Red Joan explores both the intimate strangeness of espionage at large and its fascinating effects on an individual life, bolstered by excellent performances from both Dench and Cookson.

Dates & Times

 Friday 17th May 2019  8:30pm
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 Saturday 18th May 2019  2:30pm
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 Saturday 18th May 2019  5:30pm
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 Tuesday 21st May 2019  8:30pm
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 Wednesday 22nd May 2019  6:00pm
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 Thursday 23rd May 2019  8:30pm
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