Plymouth Film Festival: Last Orders


Plymouth Film Festival: Last Orders

Sunday 28th May 2017

1:00pm (Runtime 65 mins)
£5/ £4 Concessions, Friends and PAC Home Members

Now, we’re not the kind of people that are gonna tell you to drink responsibly, that’s really none of our business, and besides, if there’s one thing we can get behind here at PFF it’s a good drinking story. Of course, not every story that starts with a drink has a happy ending, but that’s not to say we don’t like hearing them all the same. So grab a drink from the bar and get involved with this booze themed screening block. Cheers!

The Lock-in
Dir. Will Norris
After years of being pushed to the edge by vile customers, pub landlord Colin finally snaps and starts exacting his revenge. Just as he starts to get in the swing of things, Colin’s world is suddenly turned upside down with the arrival of the charming Jodie who applies for a job as a barmaid at the pub.

Dir. Adam Linzey
A British electrician working in Los Angeles, questions his sobriety after he thinks he saw his best friend commit a crime.

The John
Dir. Neil Sonnekus
A South African and a New Zealander walk into a bar and discover they were born on the same day. They also discover they can’t stomach each other…

Dir. Daniel Purse
A few seemingly unrelated individuals go about their morning whilst a tele-communicative search takes place.

Dir. Jake Bench
A man enters a bar and never leaves, but this is no joke.

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 Sunday 28th May 2017  1:00pm
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