Pleasure (18)

F Rated Film
Friday 15th July 2022 - Thursday 21st July 2022

Dir. Ninja Thyberg, France, Sweden, 2021, 109 mins. Some subtitles. Cast. Sofia Kappel, Evelyn Claire.

Bella arrives in Los Angeles from her hometown in Sweden with dreams of becoming the next porn superstar. However, as her ruthless ambition and work ethic lead her into increasingly dangerous territory, Bella struggles to reconcile her dreams of empowerment with the realities of the darker side of her industry. With strong performances and unflinching focus, Thyberg presents a powerful yet nuanced portrayal of sex work.


The 6pm screening on Thursday 21st July will be followed by a discussion in the bar with South West sex educator, Sex Debbie.

The mission of Reclaim the Frame is to re-tell the story of cinema by drawing ever greater audiences to films by women & non-binary creatives, re-claiming cinema as a truer reflection of the world we live in.

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Dates & Times

 Friday 15th Jul 2022  8:30pm
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 Tuesday 19th Jul 2022  8:30pm
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 Thursday 21st Jul 2022  6:00pm Intro + Q&A
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Reclaim The Frame

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