The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (12A)


The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (12A)

Friday 26th May 2017 - Thursday 1st June 2017

Winner at Cannes, this irresistibly charming film is a funny and forlorn sports biopic inspired by the real-life 1962 showdown between Finnish boxer Olli Mäki and American champion Davey Moore. Olli is a young, small-town man who is just as happy baking bread as he is boxing. His manager, however, is a showman promising the press that Olli’s upcoming bout against undefeated world bantamweight champion Davey Moore will be an "historic spectacle never before seen in Finland." There's just one small problem… Olli is falling in love. This ode to lost innocence is one of the most heart-warming romances you will see this year.

Dir. Juho Kuosmanen, Finland/Sweden, 2016, 92 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Jarkko Lahti, Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff, Joanna Haartti.

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Dates & Times

 Friday 26th May 2017  6:00pm
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 Tuesday 30th May 2017  6:00pm
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 Wednesday 31st May 2017  6:00pm
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 Thursday 1st Jun 2017  8:30pm
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