Monkey Man (18) – Beyond the Page


Monkey Man (18) – Beyond the Page

Thursday 30th May 2024

The Box are thrilled to bring you a short South Asian film season to celebrate their current exhibition ‘Beyond The Page: South Asian Miniature Painting and Britain, 1600 to Now’.

Co-curated with students and community members from the South Asian Diaspora and Plymouth Arts Cinema, the film season reflects some of the best contemporary and 20th Century films from the Indian sub-continent. In addition to the main feature, each showing will begin with a short film from The Box’s archive collections, introduced by a member of the co-curation team.

Monkey Man (18)

Dir. Dev Patel, Canada/US, 2024, 121 mins. Cast. Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, Sobhita Dhulipala.

Dev Patel makes an astonishing directing debut with an action thriller about one man’s quest for vengeance against the corrupt leaders who murdered his mother and continue to victimise the poor and powerless. Inspired by the legend of Hanuman, an icon embodying strength and courage, Monkey Man stars Patel as Kid, an anonymous young man who ekes out a meagre living in an underground fight club where, night after night, wearing a gorilla mask, he is beaten bloody by more popular fighters for cash. After years of suppressed rage, Kid discovers a way to infiltrate the enclave of the city’s sinister elite. As his childhood trauma boils over, his mysteriously scarred hands unleash an explosive campaign of retribution to settle the score with the men who took everything from him.

This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

For detailed information about the film's age rating and content notices, you can visit the BBFC website and search the film title, then scroll down to the “Content Advice” section:

Dates & Times

 Thursday 30th May 2024  8:30pm Intro
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