Little Gandhi + Director Q&A


Little Gandhi + Director Q&A

Monday 16th October 2017

Doors and bar open from 6pm, screening starts at 7pm. There will be a panel discussion with the film director, Sam Kadi, after the screening.

This screening is free. You will be given the option to make a suggested donation during the booking process.

Dir. Sam Kadi, US/ Syria/ Turkey, 2016

Little Gandhi tells the heart-wrenching and tragic tale of iconic Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar. The story of Matar, dubbed "Little Gandhi” for his strict code of nonviolent protest, takes viewers through the Syrian people’s peaceful pursuit of freedom and democracy only to be met with live ammunition from the Syrian regime. While the documentary follows the journey of a young man dedicated to peaceful change – and the international attention his story received - it also reflects the plight of all Syrians in their long fight for freedom.

"It is a profoundly moving and disturbing film that was produced in extraordinary difficult and dangerous circumstances.” - Dr. Ian Black (The Guardian - Middle East Editor)

Little Gandhi is the winner of "Excellence in Filmmaking” award at the 2016 European Independent Film Festival (Paris) and the “Best Foreign Documentary” at the 21st International Family Film Festival (Los Angeles). The film was invited to screen to Members of U.S. Congress in Washington DC, Members of Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Members of the United Nations in New York, and Amnesty International in London. Recently, the Canadian Foreign Affairs invited the film to have multiple screenings across Canada. The film started its University Tour with a screening at Harvard University in Boston, Sorbonne University in Paris, Essex University in London, and New York University in Abu Dhabi. Read more about the film on Facebook .

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 Monday 16th Oct 2017  7:00pm
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