Jennie Savage: The Guide to Getting Lost


Jennie Savage: The Guide to Getting Lost

Friday 3rd October 2014

Friday 3 October, 2-4pm. Free, meet at Plymouth Arts Centre.

As part of the launch weekend of Walk On, you can join in The Guide To Getting Lost created by artist Jennie Savage. This audio walk invites you to become lost in the familiar geography of Plymouth and the fictional sonic landscape of the guide, where you will encounter street markets, shopping malls, beaches and birdsong recorded in enigmatic locations. The artist’s instructions to walk are the same for us all, however each of us will interpret her directions differently, walk at a different pace and become lost in familiar territory. Eventually the group will fracture and disperse.

To take part in the event you can borrow MP3 players and headphones from Plymouth Arts Centre or download the audio from This download is a limited edition and will only be available online between Monday 29 September – Friday 3 October.

Following its launch in Plymouth, The Guide To Getting Lost will be broadcast at 6.30pm on Friday 3 October as a ‘Fracture Mob’. For listings and more information see

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