Art For Sams Sake

Saturday 26th September 2020 - Sunday 27th September 2020


The website will be live to view paintings and take bids from Friday 25th September.
Bids will be accepted by a Google Form on the website, with printed versions of this at the cinema too.

Please note the exhibition viewing times at Plymouth Arts Cinema are:
Saturday 26 September: from 2pm to 7pm
Sunday 27 September: from 12pm to 5pm
Please do not visit the College to view the paintings outside of these hours.

An exhibition of paintings showing in the Plymouth Arts Cinema Box Office.

Whilst being part of the national Samaritans charity, the local Plymouth,East Cornwall and South West Devon branch is a charity in its own right and must raise over £30,000 a year to keep our branch open.

Samaritans Branch Director Norman Holmes says, “Like many charities the corona virus lockdown has prevented them from being able to do any fundraising. In this light came the seed of an idea from one of my friends who is a full-time artist and was enjoying the time in lockdown to paint. So rather than just ask for donations we decided to send over 100 mini A5 blank canvases to different artists throughout the U.K. and ask if they would mind painting what they wished with a plan to hold an auction later in the year.

The response was wonderful, as you will observe and thanks to Anna, Josh and the team at Plymouth Arts Cinema, Alex our photographer from Smileonthetiles and Lucy our independent curator we have been able to create ‘Art for Sam’s Sake’ and put all the canvases on display and place the auction on line at

Finally, of course, our biggest thanks must go to all the artists who engaged so positively with our request for help. It’s only a few short stepping stones from painting a canvas to us being able to train new volunteers, to them being able to listen to a vulnerable or lonely soul who may be thinking about taking their life. So thankyou artists and do, if you liked their work, get in touch with them if you fancied asking them to create a bigger commission piece. A small painting helps us see the bigger picture.”

Saturday 26 September: from 2pm to 7pm
Sunday 27 September: from 12pm to 5pm

Please note, due to social distancing measures within PAC and PCA, viewing of the exhibition will be restricted to three people at a time. If you would like to view the work please avoid visiting in the half hour slot before each film starts as that will be when we are busiest.

You don’t need to book but we will ask for your name and contact details when you check in to view the exhibition as our venue is required to participate to NHS Test & Trace. For more information on how we participate to NHS Test & Trace, please see our updated privacy policy.

Thank you.

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