Tim Etchells: For Now


Tim Etchells: For Now

Friday 25th September 2015 - Saturday 2nd January 2016

Performance: Tim Etchells & Aisha Orazbayeva: Friday 25 September, 7pm

Working across visual art, performance and fiction Tim Etchells’ work plays with language, place and presence. Based in Sheffield and London, Etchells has led world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment since 1984 and collaborated with numerous artists, photographers, writers and dancers.

In For Now Etchells presents new solo audio and collage works and alongside neon text works, enlivening the galleries and extending out into Plymouth Arts Centre’s other interior spaces. In the newest works Etchells reveals his growing interest in fragments, rhythm and compositional structure as well as exploring the boundaries between sense and nonsense. Working to test his writing through repetition and layering, his new sound piece, Stand Off places visitors at the centre of a dynamic and bewildering confrontation of voices.

During the preview evening of For Now Etchells will re-unite with Late Junction collaborator, violinist Aisha Orzabayeva, to present a new performance combining voice and music.

Forced Entertainment’s The Notebook directed by Tim Etchells, comes to The House at Plymouth University on Wednesday 10 February as part of an international tour. For more information and to book tickets visit

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