I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) (15)


I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) (15)

F Rated Film
Friday 17th March 2023 - Thursday 23rd March 2023

Dir. Kelley Kali, US, 2022, 86 mins. Cast. Kelley Kali, Angelique Molina, Wesley Moss, Dominique Molina.

In post-pandemic America, everyone is struggling to get by. Danny, a recently widowed woman, barely makes ends meet by braiding hair and making deliveries on roller skates. Having convinced her 8-year-old daughter they are ‘camping out’ in a tent for fun, she manages to save enough money for a down-payment on a new apartment. But when a client is unable to pay her, she risks losing the apartment and having to tell her daughter the truth about their dire situation.

An exhilarating, poignant debut feature that announces its co-directors and cast as a new force in independent American filmmaking.

The matinee screening on Saturday 18th will be followed by a 15-minute recorded Q&A from Reclaim the Frame with the filmmaker and star Kelley Kali.

The mission of Reclaim the Frame is to re-tell the story of cinema by drawing ever greater audiences to films by women & non-binary creatives, re-claiming cinema as a truer reflection of the world we live in.

To learn more and join the #ReclaimTheFrame mission and receive free cinema tickets, discount codes and other film goodies go to www.birds-eye-view.co.uk

Reclaim The Frame is run by charity Birds’ Eye View, and backed by the BFI’s Audience Fund.

Dates & Times

 Friday 17th Mar 2023  6:00pm
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 Saturday 18th Mar 2023  2:30pm
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 Saturday 18th Mar 2023  8:00pm
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 Tuesday 21st Mar 2023  6:00pm
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 Wednesday 22nd Mar 2023  8:30pm
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 Thursday 23rd Mar 2023  8:30pm
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