Dark Waters (12A)

Friday 3rd April 2020 - Thursday 9th April 2020

Dir. Todd Haynes, US, 2019, 127 mins. Cast. Anne Hathaway, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins.

This is the shocking and heroic true story of tenacious attorney Robert Bilott (Ruffalo), who investigates the unexplained deaths of his grandmother's neighbour's cattle. Thus begins a decades-long legal battle between Bilott and DuPont, a large chemical company who dumped toxic materials into local land for decades, poisoning not just animals, but people too. In the process Bilott risks everything - his future, his family, and his own life - to expose the truth. Inspired by classic 70s whistle-blower movies such as The Parallax View and Klute, this is a riveting, responsible and deeply unsettling film about the search for justice, the boundaries of science, and a poisonous legal system.

Dates & Times

 Friday 3rd Apr 2020  8:30pm
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 Saturday 4th Apr 2020  2:30pm
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 Saturday 4th Apr 2020  5:15pm
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 Tuesday 7th Apr 2020  8:30pm
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 Wednesday 8th Apr 2020  6:00pm
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 Thursday 9th Apr 2020  8:30pm
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