SuperSPREADER + Daisies (15)

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SuperSPREADER + Daisies (15)

Friday 22nd October 2021


Friday 22 October, 8.30pm

Tom and Katy Richardson invite you to step back in time to Lockdown 1, March 2020, when, despite the obvious horror of the situation, there was creative energy abounding. SuperSPREADER is a testament to that time. Looking for ways to be creative and connect musically with a now distant community, Tom Richardson recorded and shared a 20-minute guitar jam from his isolation, a message-in-a-bottle, with the hope that other people might be feeling equally musically lost at this time. Turns out, he wasn't alone! SuperSPREADER, then, is 14 musicians responding to that original jam in their relative isolations, unaware of any other involvement. Drums from a garden shed, synths from New Zealand, violin from a new mother catching a rare hour of downtime, all mixed together by Tom in the months after. The result is beyond anything he could have ever expected; something transcendental had happened as each musician seemingly locked into a higher consciousness and jammed with each other outside of time and space. It's some psychedelic shit!

The video work made by visual artist Katy Richardson to accompany SuperSPREADER uses found footage to reflect upon the context in which the music was made, and the anthropocentric factors and systems which contributed to the pandemic.
Expect killer psychedelic music, exuberant goats and paralysed cruise ships.

Daisies (15)

Friday 22 October, 8.50pm

Dir. Vera Chytilova, Czeck, 1966, 72 mins, subtitled. Cast. Jitka Cerhova, Ivana Karbanova, Julius Albert.

Chosen by Tom and Katy Richardson to accompany SuperSPREADER, this is a rare chance to see one of the New Wave’s most anarchic films. Vera Chytilová’s absurdist farce follows the misadventures of two brash young women. Believing the world to be “spoiled,” they embark on a series of pranks in which nothing — food, clothes, men, war — is taken seriously. “As subversive as it is hilarious” – Kate Muir

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 Friday 22nd Oct 2021  8:30pm Intro + Q&A
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