Reclaim the Frame: The Souvenir (15)


Reclaim the Frame: The Souvenir (15)

F Rated Film
Thursday 19th September 2019

This screening is part of Birds' Eye View's Reclaim The Frame campaign to bring ever greater audiences to films by women to offer a wider perspective of the world.

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Dir. Joanna Hogg, UK, 2019, 120 mins.
Cast. Honor Swinton Byrne, Tom Burke, Tilda Swinton.

Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) is a young film student struggling to find a firm direction in life when she meets the seemingly unwavering and decisive Anthony (Tom Burke). The two immediately take to one another and an intense romance blossoms between them. However, as the relationship develops it becomes clear that Anthony is not being honest about all aspects of himself and Julie slowly discovers that they could have potentially devastating consequences for them both.

One of Britain’s most unique filmmakers Joanna Hogg (Archipelago, Unrelated) presents a deeply personal examination of her own youthful experiences in this beautifully crafted, Martin Scorsese produced portrait of self-discovery, The Souvenir.

“The Souvenir feels like the only film in the world that matters.” Joshua Rothkopt – Time Out

“Shakes the fabric of your soul” Hannah Woodhead – Little White Lies

“Heartbreaking, sophisticated & deeply cinematic” – The Wrap

Followed by a panel (tbc) hosted by Bird’s Eye View’s Director-at-large, Mia Bays.

This is also a great opportunity for participants to connect with other members of the Reclaim the Frame Community.

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 Thursday 19th Sep 2019  7:30pm
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