REBEL FILM FESTIVAL: Make every moment count (Short Films)


REBEL FILM FESTIVAL: Make every moment count (Short Films)

Sunday 30th June 2019

Sunday 30th June | 1:30pm (approx. 45 mins)

Time is fleeting, so grab every second of it by the horns and get in its face. Other than mixing metaphors, there’s plenty of stuff to do. Good stuff, like raising a family, campaigning for a greener world, or having an ice cream. You could also watch some films too I guess.

Dir. Erlendur Sveinsson

December 27th, 1999 - Vala and Benni are on the road with their yellow canary in a Volvo filled with luggage. They're moving from the city to the countryside and are struggling to find a common ground in the destination.

Dir. Max Blustin

A waitress overhears a difficult and tragic conversation... but she goes to take the order anyway.

Dir. Howard Wimshurst

A thrill-seeking ski-tourist speeds down a secluded mountain. An Indigenous ski-hunter primes his bow for the killing strike. Their paths are about to collide…

Dir. DeLon Warren

Robot-Homie's programming is challenged when her master sends her on a mission.

Dir. Catherine Legaré-Pelletier

Maryann is driving, not knowing where she is going. With her young son in the back seat, she is fleeing the unspeakable, wandering the country roads in a setting she no longer knows.

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 Sunday 30th Jun 2019  1:30pm
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