Re-Creation: A social experiment

Creative Learning, Art

Re-Creation: A social experiment

Saturday 23rd June 2018

Free and open to all

1.30pm – 5.30pm

Masters Student in Creative Education, Florence Newsome has a keen enthusiasm for ‘free play.’
Play is the key ingredient to exploration, and creates alternative learning solutions for individuals.
In this one off event she will investigate and create connections between individuals memories of playing, to help generate fresh new play area design ideas.

By allowing the users of this play space to relate back to playing, and expressing these emotions/feelings through a hands on approach within the interactive installation, it will allow for Florence as the designer to approach and curate in a new meaningful way.

A full sized play structure will inhabit and share the space with reflection and design stations that explore the design of play spaces and promoting memories from playing.
The freeness of creativity will flow in the space.

This as a free, open event which is available for all. Drop in, stay, and play.

“By giving the audience the chance to create unique play designs without any influence or limitations, what will they create?”

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