Parasite (15)

Friday 28th February 2020 - Thursday 5th March 2020

Dir. Bong Joon-ho, South Korea, 2019, 132 mins, subtitled. Cast. Song Kang-ho, Jo Yeo-Jeong, Park So-dam. Main Language: Korean.

EXTRA SCREENING on Tuesday 3 March at 5.45pm. This is due to popular demand after winning the Best Film award at the Oscars and the Palme d'Or. The screening of Seberg advertised in our printed guide on Tuesday 3 March at 6pm is now cancelled.

One of the most talked-about films of the Indy cinema circuit, Parasite finds a family of grifters worming their way into an upper-class family’s perfect world. The Kims are living a marginal life when their son fakes his way into becoming the English tutor for the ultra-wealthy Park family. Soon all four of the family members have roles in their hyper-stylish modern home, having used every dirty trick in the book. But the house hides secrets that are way outside the Kim’s scheme. Already the most successful Palme d’Or winner ever, Parasite is what happens when the have-nots have their day. A deliciously fun poisoned cocktail of dark humour, social satire and perfect set pieces, this gripping thriller is a sensational experience that keeps surprising to its last drop.

Dates & Times

 Friday 28th Feb 2020  8:15pm
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 Saturday 29th Feb 2020  2:30pm
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 Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020  5:45pm
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 Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020  8:15pm
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 Thursday 5th Mar 2020  8:15pm
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