Girl (15)

Friday 10th May 2019 - Thursday 16th May 2019

Dir. Lukas Dhont, Belgium, 2018, 106 mins, subtitled.
Cast. Victor Polster, Arieh Worthalter, Angelo Tijssens.
Main language: English, Flemish, French.

Debut feature films rarely come as bold, beautiful and award-worthy as Flemish filmmaker Lukas Dhont’s Girl (Golden Camera winner in Cannes in 2018). Lara is an adolescent transgender girl from Belgium. Supported by her father, she commences her journey into gender reassignment, yet her teenage impatience and the immense pressures of ballet push her to the brink. Dhont is remarkable in capturing of Lara’s introspection, as well as handling the turbulence that marks any pubescent experience, let alone that of a transgender person. This is a deeply humane coming-of-age drama that feels extraordinarily powerful.

Dates & Times

 Friday 10th May 2019  6:00pm
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 Saturday 11th May 2019  8:00pm
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 Tuesday 14th May 2019  6:00pm
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 Wednesday 15th May 2019  8:30pm
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 Thursday 16th May 2019  6:00pm
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