Elizabeth Masterton & Lizzie Ridout: Tanks & Tablecloths, Chapter 2


Elizabeth Masterton & Lizzie Ridout: Tanks & Tablecloths, Chapter 2

Friday 1st May 2015 - Saturday 13th June 2015

Lizzie Ridout and Elizabeth Masterton have collaborated as Tanks and Tablecloths since 2004. They set out to map the shared terrain of the military and the domestic, exploring the places - notional and literal - where home and war meet.

In this exhibition, the artists respond to the extensive archives of Devonport Naval Heritage Centre, a fascinating,
yet relatively ‘unseen’ military collection. In relocating original artefacts and presenting these alongside new
works, incorporating drawing, film and installation, the artists test their concept of ‘an exploded book’.

This is a rare opportunity to see the archive outside of DNHC, where pre-booking is required. For details on
DNHC open days during Plymouth History Festival, visit www.devonportnhc.wordpress.com

(This exhibition is on the first floor and accessible only by stairs.)

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