Decision to Leave (15)


Decision to Leave (15)

Friday 11th November 2022 - Thursday 17th November 2022

Dir. Park Chan-wook, South Korea, 2022, 138 mins, subtitled. Cast. Tang Wei, Park Hae-il.

In this sublime, Hitchcockian noir thriller from Park Chan-wook (The Handmaiden), a detective gets a little too close to the murder he’s trying to solve. Busan Detective Hae-joon is happily married, although work means spending too much time apart from his wife. When a climber’s body is found, suspicious photos on his phone lead to a murder investigation, and Hae-joon to the man’s young wife, Seo-rae and a stakeout of her home. But even as her alibi clears her, Hae-joon finds himself unable to end his surveillance. Is this his detective’s instinct, or something more? Director Park has crafted a mystery plotted with virtuoso aplomb, one breathless, twisting story-turn after another. Every shot is marked by its boldness and visual beauty, Decision to Leave finds director Park working at the dizzying peak of his powers.

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Dates & Times

 Friday 11th Nov 2022  8:15pm
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 Saturday 12th Nov 2022  5:00pm
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 Tuesday 15th Nov 2022  8:00pm
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 Wednesday 16th Nov 2022  2:30pm
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 Thursday 17th Nov 2022  8:15pm
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