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Charlie Woolley: Lone Soul Road

Saturday 19th July 2014 - Sunday 7th September 2014

Charlie Woolley’s exhibition considers cultural themes and aesthetics relating to motorcycle counter-culture. This continues his investigations into subcultural production in an age of avatars and fluid digital identity.


The Art Party!

Thursday 21st August 2014

Part documentary, part road movie and part political fantasy, The Art Party! feature-film captures the spirit of the Scarborough conference held in November 2013; championing the importance of art and its place in education and modern politics


Zierle & Carter: Between Lands and Longings

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Made in response to Zierle & Carter’s performance Between Lands and Longings, this art film by Melbourne’s The Public Studio takes an experimental and surrealist dimension on the live performance.


Rosalind Fowler: Folk in Her Machine

Thursday 1st May 2014 - Saturday 31st May 2014

Celebrate May Day with this fascinating new film by Rosalind Fowler, Folk in Her Machine (2013).


Juliet Middleton-Batts: Lost Senses

Friday 30th May 2014 - Saturday 31st May 2014

This body of work was created during a three-month residency in Plymouth Arts Centre’s Studio and was inspired by Sara Bowler’s Looe Street Detectives exhibition.


The Wire Bed

Saturday 17th May 2014

Plymouth University dance students Laura Coutts and Zoe Mote volunteered as performers for Emily Speed’s Littoral Zone and now present a short piece of choreographed dance titled The Wire Bed.


Sara Bowler: The Looe Street Detectives

Saturday 14th December 2013 - Sunday 2nd February 2014

Sara Bowler employs research techniques to gather information and stories about particular places as a precursor to making work about them. For the Looe Street Detectives project she has worked with a team of collaborators to unearth historical facts...

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